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Size: 25 lb. cylinder

R407C is a blend ofR-32, R-125 and R-134a with similar properties to R-22 in air conditioning equipment, being the closest property match to R-22 in air conditioning retrofit project compared to other blends. R407C is used in medium temperature R-22 refrigeration systems. New systems for R407C must have POE lubricants and retrofitted R-22 systems would need the residual oil flushed with POE. 

Refrigerant Composition
23% R-32 I 25% R-125 I 52% Rl34a wt%

Primary Use
R-22 replacement, air conditioning 

Secondary Use
Low/med temperature refrigeration

Also Available
  • 115 lb. cylinder
  • 925 lb. cylinder
  • Pallet orders (40 cylinders)
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