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Refrigerant Recovery

Refrigerant recovery is one of the most common tasks a residential or commercial service technician will perform when repairing or maintaining HVAC systems. Are you looking for a reliable and EPA-compliant way to remove refrigerants and recycle the AC units? Contact Eco-Care Refrigerants for your refrigerant recovery projects.

High-Speed HVAC Refrigerant Recovery Services

At Eco-Care Refrigerants, located in Central Florida, we’re dedicated to completing your refrigerant recovery in all 50 states promptly to ensure you can proceed to the next step of your service, maintenance, repair, replacement, or recycling project. Whatever your refrigerant recovery needs are, we have a solution for you!

Industries We Serve

Refrigerant recovery is crucial in today's industry. As environmental concerns grow, the demand for green solutions like reclaimed refrigerants increases. After all, the more refrigerant is recovered and reclaimed, the less need is placed on manufacturing new refrigerant, saving you money on your refrigerant purchases.

Do you want your residential or commercial HVAC repair or installation business to go green? With us, you won’t have to fret about refrigerant recovery in Central Florida or anywhere else in the country.

Eco-Care Refrigerants provides refrigerant recovery services for businesses in different industries, including the HVAC industry. We work on refrigerant recovery projects for any size systems, from cylinder recovery to chiller removal and HVAC recycling.

Why is Refrigerant Recovery Important?

Refrigerants play a vital role in the heat transfer process that makes the work of AC units and HVAC systems possible. There are different types of refrigerants, ranging from hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) to chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).

If refrigerants aren’t recovered and are instead vented into the atmosphere, they actively damage the ozone layer and alter the soil's chemical makeup. This is why the United States — under the Clean Air Act of 1990 — has made it mandatory for all industries to recover and reclaim refrigerants. Those who fail to recover refrigerants break this federal law and may be subject to heavy fines and sometimes jail time.

At Eco-Care Refrigerants, we offer refrigerant recovery services to help your business stay environmentally friendly and, more importantly, EPA compliant. Let us help you improve your HVAC business's bottom line by ensuring that all safety guidelines for refrigerant recovery are observed and practiced when replacing or servicing HVAC systems and equipment.

Leave your scrap HVAC systems and recovered refrigerant with us. We’ll take care of the rest. Our team is dedicated to making refrigerant recovery as stress-free, cost-effective, and convenient as possible.

How Does Refrigerant Recovery Work?

Refrigerant recovery at Eco-Care Refrigerants starts with safety! All our technicians use the proper equipment for different types of refrigerants. You can rest assured we will use the certified recovery tanks for the job.

When recovering refrigerants, we implement different methods. Our methods of refrigerant recovery include:

Vapor Refrigerant Recovery
The refrigerant is removed in a vapor state under this method. We then use the recovery unit to condense the vapor into liquid form, which is transferred to the recovery cylinder. While the vapor recovery method is slower than the liquid recovery method, it works with all HVAC systems.

Liquid Refrigerant Recovery
This method allows us to transfer the refrigerant to the recovery unit while it's still in a liquid state. The liquid refrigerant recovery method is especially suitable for transferring refrigerants from one cylinder to another.

Of the three methods of refrigerant recovery, this is the fastest. So, if the liquid refrigerant recovery method is the fastest, why would you want us to use another method for your HVAC systems? Because it doesn’t work with all HVAC systems. In cases where the liquid refrigerant method can’t work for your specific HVAC system, the vapor recovery method is an excellent alternative.

Push-Pull Refrigerant Recovery
This method is an excellent choice when transferring large volumes of liquid refrigerant. The push-pull refrigerant recovery method can quickly transfer more than 20 pounds of refrigerant. However, this method involves two steps: once all the liquid is removed from the HVAC system, our technicians must change the hose connections to recover the vapor.

All the technicians at Eco-Care Refrigerants are specially trained, EPA certified, and skilled in using different refrigerant recovery methods. Whatever your unique needs or project size, we are ready to help.

Gasses we collect:

Eco-Care Refrigerants can recover most all refrigerants associated with HVAC and refrigeration systems. Contact our technicians if you have questions regarding the type of gases we collect.

Why Choose Eco-Care Refrigerants For Your Recovery Work?

Our Central Florida crew recovers refrigerant year round. We also work with HVAC installers in Florida and around the country to deliver refrigerant right to their job sites. All without compromising customer service and EPA documentation. Here's why you need to choose Eco-Care Refrigerants for your refrigerant recovery:

Convenient Delivery
Say goodbye to wasting time because your technicians are running around looking for EPA-compliant refrigerant recovery services. Eco-Care Refrigerants has the crew, recovery trucks, and experience to make your life and that of your technicians easier and more efficient with on-demand refrigerant site recovery and delivery for all systems — no matter how big they may be.

Speedy Arrival
Did you just notice that you need on-site refrigerant recovery ASAP? Or maybe you forgot to load refrigerant before heading to the job site? Eco-Care Refrigerants can get to you when and where you need us. Keep your HVAC repair or installation project on deadline with speedy arrivals.

EPA Certified Refrigerant Recovery
Eco-Care Refrigerants technicians have been thoroughly trained, evaluated, and their recovery equipment tested to ensure EPA compliance.

Workflow Efficiency
Make your workflow more efficient and improve cash flow with our high-speed refrigerant recovery services. Allow us to help keep your projects on track and your customers happy.

Project Type
Whether you have a residential, commercial, or industrial job, Eco-Care Refrigerants and its crew are equipped to help you with refrigerator recovery regardless of the job size.

Our Experience
For years, the Eco-Care Refrigerants team has remained EPA compliant, giving our clients peace of mind knowing we use equipment and methods that meet EPA requirements.

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Maximize the potential of your technicians by allowing Eco-Care Refrigerants to provide refrigerant recovery and reclamation services. Do you have an A/C or HVAC project that requires the refrigerant to be recovered? We’re here to make it easy and convenient for you to get rid of unwanted refrigerants.

Contact Eco-Care Refrigerants at 321-245-1400 to request a quote or schedule an appointment today!

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