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Refrigerant Disposal

Household appliances are essential components for any home. But even with their efficient functionality, they don’t last forever. You’ll need to replace eventually replace them due to poor performance, major service repairs, old age, or because you want the latest features and enhanced efficiency of the most up-to-date models.

Appliance owners play a crucial part in assisting in protecting against environmental dangers affiliated with appliance disposal. With our Central Florida team, discover the benefits of safe and efficient refrigerant disposal services anywhere in the country to remain EPA-compliant!

What to Do With Old Appliances That Have Refrigerant

Refrigerant is a composite (usually in a gaseous or fluid state) that sucks up heat from the atmosphere and transmits it to another place as air conditioning or refrigeration. Refrigerant is built in almost every appliance used for cooling, at times in things used for heating, but most commonly freezers, fridges, air conditioners, and vehicle air conditioners.

The demand for refrigeration and air conditioning, thus refrigerants, is surging thanks to global warming. Residents and commercial centers are increasingly buying air conditioning units for the first time because of record-breaking hot summers.

If you’ve got an old appliance with an inbuilt refrigerant, it’s crucial to do a proper refrigerant disposal. Refrigerants are filled with chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) and are, for the most part, responsible for the rift in the ozone layer, which is the main cause of global warming. For instance, R12, a conventional refrigerant, is a CFC.

Reasons to Properly Dispose of Refrigerated Appliances

Dehumidifiers, air conditioners, freezers, and refrigerators have numerous hazardous components and toxic chemicals that are harmful to human health and the environment. Proper disposal of old appliances is vital for the following reasons:

Freezers and refrigerators made before 1995 used CFC (chlorofluorocarbon) refrigerant. Most dehumidifiers and window air-conditioning systems made before 2010 have hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) refrigerant. HCFCs and CFCs are ozone-depleting substances (ODS) that damage the ozone layer when discharged into the atmosphere.

Furthermore, HCFC and CFC refrigerants are also potent greenhouse gases, and their emission increases global warming potential. The majority of freezers and refrigerators made since 1995, and dehumidifiers and AC systems since 2010, have a greener option called hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerants. Still, these refrigerants need to be handled with care since they’re greenhouse gases.

Freezers and refrigerators made earlier than 2005 are coated with foam containing ODS, which plays a part in climate change and ozone depletion. Only systems made following 2005 have foam blowing constitutes that are eco- and ozone-friendly. (Dehumidifiers and air conditioners don’t have foam.)

Hazardous Components
Appliances may contain hazardous substances like mercury, oil, and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). For instance, the cooling circuit holds oil that can be tainted with ODS refrigerant. Chest freezers and refrigerators made before 2000 used mercury in their relays and switches, while PCB capacitors were used in appliances made before 1979.

Due to this, refrigerant disposal should be conducted by professionals that have the equipment to safely dispose of these parts before the appliance is shredded and recycled. At Eco-Care Refrigerants, we have an experienced and highly-trained team of technicians that can assist you in this endeavor.

Call 321-245-1400 to learn about our disposal options and get a no-obligation quote!

Why Use Eco-Care Refrigerant Disposal Services

When it’s time to remove refrigerant from an AC unit, it's best to choose a qualified company that has been doing this for years. Don’t settle for an inferior solution — partner with our accredited specialists who are more than happy to help.

Disposing of refrigerant has to be done properly. This includes understanding the nuances associated with that specific AC unit and how it needs to be managed during the removal. We’ll take care of this at Eco-Care Refrigerants so you have more time to focus on other matters.

Customized Recoveries
When an AC unit has to be replaced, the specialist needs to come and recover refrigerant from the unit right away. This is the only method for safely removing an AC unit without harming anything. To ensure things are done safely and quickly, it's best to reach out to our team. We have the right tools and techniques to complete the job without a problem.

This is one of the biggest benefits of choosing Eco-Care Refrigerants because we’re on top of things from day one. We make the recovery process a breeze and get rid of any refrigerant found in the AC unit.

We understand how important your time is. To make your life easier, we set up a customized schedule based on your needs. Our team recognizes this is a time-sensitive situation and one you’ll want to complete as soon as possible. At Eco-Care Refrigerants, we want to do things based on your schedule to provide a seamless disposal process.

Years of Experience
The top reason why clients choose us comes down to expertise. Eco-Care, located in Central Florida, is one of the best refrigerant disposal services doing business nationwide, and has a team you can rely on as soon as the process begins. A specialist will work on your AC unit to not only assess it but also make sure refrigerant is removed swiftly.

It’s this attention to detail that gives our clients confidence in the value that they’re getting. We’ll work closely with you to ensure your refrigerant disposal turns out how you want.

Accredited Service
Eco-Care Refrigerants is an accredited service that is licensed and insured to work in Florida. This guarantees clients are getting world-class service from start to finish. Our goal remains to analyze the AC unit and ensure the removal is done without harming anything. Everything is done with care, professionalism, and attention to detail.

This allows clients to know the removal is going to be simple, effective, and right in line with what’s required to move forward. Due to the nature of this type of removal, it's important to pinpoint what works and what doesn’t. We’ll iron out the details during the initial assessment to reach your goals.

100% Safe
Safety is one of the biggest concerns. To ease your nerves, we take the time to go through a full-fledged plan and maintain an open line of communication during the process. This is to alleviate any concerns you may have before or during the removal.

Each specialist is trained to handle the steps associated with refrigerant disposals. From start to finish, everything is done professionally and the removal won’t take a long time to complete.

We realize how important it is to find a solution without breaking the budget. This is why we’ve spent years providing customized solutions that don’t cost a lot. Get a professional team without compromising on safety or quality.

With our help, you’ll feel in control of each step and confident in the results. Find out more about our pricing by reaching out to Eco-Care Refrigerants. We’ll make sure to offer a deal of a lifetime!

Complete Removal
When it comes to disposing of refrigerants, it's important to choose a service provider that will handle the process from beginning to conclusion. Due to our vast experience, we ensure things are handled with a high level of care and everything is done to make it as stress-free as possible.

Our specialists are well-trained and understand the intricacies of removing refrigerants the right way. If the goal is to guarantee the process goes ahead without a mistake, this is one of the best options for your situation. We’re committed to doing things the way you need them to be done. This all-in-one solution is what makes us the right fit for you.

Drop Swap Refrigerant Program

Eco-Care Refrigerants offers a formal and efficient process to collect, transport, store, and dispose of excess halocarbon refrigerants. Our drop swap refrigerant rewards program entails:

  • Leave your refrigerant jugs at one of our well-situated locations in Orlando, Sanford, and Kissimmee
  • Cylinders are switched with a vacuumed and empty recovery cylinder for a small charge
  • Our refrigerants are all documented and tested
  • For all clean R-22, we offer reasonable buyback rates
  • Receive refrigerant discounts on future purchases!

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For safe and effective refrigerant disposal in Florida and throughout the country, it's best to go with a trusted expert like Eco-Care Refrigerants. We deliver optimal results at an affordable price. Plus, our tools and experience provide peace of mind that you’re EPA-compliant.

Contact us today at (321) 245-1400 for more information and to schedule a quote!

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