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AC/HVAC Disposal

With increasing global temperatures due to global warming, demand for air conditioning has never been greater. In turn, this has led to a rise of discarded old AC units. Eco-Care Refrigerants provides effective air conditioner disposal services to both residential and commercial facilities in Orlando, Sanford, and Kissimmee, Florida and nationwide.

Rather than letting these redundant units occupy much-needed space and wasting your time getting rid of them, we can help take off the load. See why proper air conditioning disposal is critical and how Eco-Care makes it easy!

Challenges of Air Conditioner Disposal

Most people find the process of getting rid of their AC unit inconvenient, confusing and time-consuming. First, they’re heavy to carry and filthy, making them a pain to move. The units also pose potential safety hazards due to their size and weight.

Additionally, there are a variety of environmental considerations when removing and disposing of air conditioners. That’s why working with an experienced AC disposal company is the best option to minimize disruption and environmental damage.

Refrigerant Recovery and Disposal

Dehumidifiers and air conditioners are known to contain refrigerants that are detrimental to the environment. They consist of chlorofluorocarbons (CFC), which are potent greenhouse gases that tear a hole in the ozone layer, contributing to global climate change. When it comes to energy usage, old appliances consume more than newer systems.

To minimize energy wastage and other hazardous situations, it’s integral that you get rid of older systems from the grid and discard them correctly. When you work with Eco-Care, we ensure dangerous refrigerants, foam, and other hazardous substances are caught and either permanently destroyed or recycled.

Proper Disposal is Essential

The EPA estimates that around nine million refrigerators and nearly one million dehumidifiers are discarded in the U.S. every year. When the shelf-life of your air conditioner ends, you should keep in mind that discarding it by the curbside or the trash isn’t an option. In fact, it’s against the law to dispose of an air conditioner like normal trash because of environmental issues.

For this reason, safe and effective disposal is vital because air conditioners comprise materials and substances that are harmful to both humans and the environment. If you don’t know how to discard an air conditioner correctly, don’t worry — we’re here to help!

Advantages of Eco-Care Air Conditioning Disposal

Businesses and homeowners across Central Florida and around the country turn to Eco-Care Refrigerants for quality AC disposal services because we’ve handled all makes and models, ensuring the process is in line with modern requirements. Our trained specialists use premium tools and the latest techniques to guarantee the best results.

Stress-Free Removals

The number one reason for choosing Eco-care Refrigerants is knowing that you’ll receive a stress-free solution. We are not going to waste your time nor are we going to rush the process. Instead, we are going to simplify everything and make sure it is done with a high level of care.

Years of Experience

When it comes to air conditioner disposals, it's important to choose a team that’s well-experienced and has a good understanding of what works and what does not. We’re fully committed to the process and will put in the time to analyze each aspect of the unit removal.

This includes what's going to happen to the refrigerant and the unit as a whole. Enjoy knowing we pour through these details and use our expertise to guide you down the right path.

Trusted Results

Trustworthiness is important to us and it’s something we remain focused on. At Eco-Care Refrigerants, we set a high standard of excellence and that includes how we go about the removal. This means we will customize each detail and ensure your timeline matches how the process unfolds.

We’re not going to waste your time nor are we going to rush the process. Your AC disposal will be done safely and efficiently just the way you want it to be.

Cutting-Edge Techniques

Our techniques are renowned in the industry for being quick, safe, and efficient. We make the effort to hone our craft as time goes on ensuring each detail is accounted for. Due to our experience removing AC units, we’re well aware of what can happen.

This includes analyzing the refrigerant and making sure it all works out as planned. Our number one goal is to remain focused on the process and that includes using the best techniques.

Fast Turnaround

The turnaround is one of the most challenging details to consider. Our team is organized and efficient, providing the fastest and most effective AC removal possible. Maintaining an open line of communication is what sets us apart in the industry. This includes setting a detailed timeline for how each step will unfold so everybody is on the same page.

Personalized Removals

Personalization is a must when it comes to removing AC units and it's a big part of what we do here at Eco-Care Refrigerants. Our vision is to take the time to understand what a client expects from the process and then match those needs exactly.

Your certified specialist will analyze each element of the AC unit to determine how it needs to be removed safely. We’ll pour through these details with you and customize every aspect of your AC removal, including the timeline.


Removing an air conditioner means understanding each aspect of the process. At Eco-Care Refrigerants, we’re well-trained in handling a wide array of AC units. This expertise is something we don’t take lightly and it's a big part of what we stand for as a company.

Along with offering the best solutions on the market, we’re also proud of our budget-friendly solutions. Gain access to an incredible deal as soon as the specialist comes to assess your unit. Plus, you’ll feel in control of the deal you’re getting and how it all works out.

Legally Compliant

When it comes to removing refrigerants and AC units, it's essential to choose a comprehensive solution that’s in line with legal regulations. There’s nothing worse than breaking the law and also creating an environmental hazard due to a lack of preparedness.

Eco-Care continues to be the ultimate option for those who want to go with a compliant solution moving forward. Everything is done with a high level of care, including analyzing what's required to remove the AC and dispose of it properly to meet EPA regulations.

Get Fast & Efficient Air Conditioner Disposal Services

Eco-Care Refrigerants has assisted numerous businesses and homes dispose of their AC system quickly and efficiently. Save time and clear out space — all without the hassle! Our technicians have vast experience and are highly trained to responsibly remove and discard your air conditioner, thereby mitigating any harm to the environment.

We also provide fast pickup and air conditioning disposal services when it’s most convenient for you and with minimal disruption. You can also drop off the old equipment at one of our convenient locations. We disassemble the parts and remove the refrigerant safely, so you don’t have to.

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