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Eco-Care Refrigerants, Inc. is committed to making refrigerant disposal, refrigerant recovery, AC disposal, and HVAC recycling across Central Florida and throughout the country easy and worthwhile. Incorporated in 2008, Eco-Care has grown over the years to become Orlando’s leading disposal and recycling company.

Filling a Gap in the HVAC Industry

While working in the HVAC industry, company founder Don Henry saw that there was a need to dispose of used refrigerants according to EPA standards since HVAC companies may not dispose of equipment/refrigerants properly and others only pick up scraps. He knew there was a better way.

That’s why Don started Eco-Care to fill this critical gap by providing customized services to businesses and homeowners, from HVAC recycling and refrigerant disposal to equipment salvage and tank recovery. Paired with fair pricing, staying EPA-compliant has never been easier!

Our Values

Eco-Care is proud to be a local Florida business; we’re also proud to care about the future of our planet and the people we share it with. See how we bridge supporting our global ecosystem and our local customers with solutions that are pro-planet and pro-business.


We’re committed to helping the environment and meeting EPA standards.


Our services save you time and resources for the most convenient experience.


Stay EPA-compliant with our dependable team of experts by your side

Explore Solutions

Our recycling company provides a range of solutions to ensure a seamless disposal or recovery process while complying with EPA regulations and container DOT certifications.

Refrigerant Disposal

Drop off your refrigerant at our convenient Orlando location and receive competitive buyback rates for clean R-22. Need refrigerant removal services? We have the tools and expertise to guarantee it’s done professionally.

Refrigerant Recovery

Eco-Care offers refrigerant recovery for commercial job locations to help you get the most value for your recovered non-mixed refrigerant. Pair your refrigerant recovery with our HVAC recycling program for even more discounts!

HVAC Disposal

Removing air conditioners is inconvenient, confusing, and time-consuming. Our years of experience and cutting-edge techniques ensure a safe, efficient disposal process so you can focus on other matters.

HVAC Recycling

We make the removal of used HVAC equipment a breeze. Instead of allowing units to take up precious space at your business or spending a lot of labor scrapping them yourselves, Eco-Care will handle it for you.

Get In Touch With Us Today

Let us take care of your refrigerants and old units in less time and hassle. Schedule an appointment or reach out for more information. Call us today at 321-245-1400.

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