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Air Conditioner & HVAC

Make it easy to dispose of your used air conditioner and HVAC equipment!

At Eco-Care Refrigerants, we make the removal of used equipment from your business or job location a breeze. Instead of allowing units to take up space at your business and taking up valuable time scrapping them yourselves, we do it for you.

All scrap we receive is weighed by the pound and paid for at competitive rates. Call us today to see what Eco-Care can do for you.

Pickup & Removal

A quick call can get you on the schedule to remove used equipment from your business or job site. We will meet you bright and early to cart away an old roof-top unit or clear out space at the back of your business.

Equipment Drop Off

Drop off whole units behind our business location, Monday through Friday, 8 to 5. We remove the refrigerant and take the systems apart so you don't have to.

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